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    Fabian sat along the bank of the Trident, his sword and belt laying in a pile by his shirt. He had his eyes closed in the vain attempt to ward away his pounding head and he was almost asleep when he heard the one off cadence of his brother's horse. Sneaking a peak without quite opening his eyes, Fabian grabbed a small stone from the ground. When his brother was about three yards away, Fabian sprang up and flung the rock toward his brother's head.

    Gideon caught the stone and threw it back in one fluid motion. The horse stopped at the end of the grass and Gideon leapt off. He reached for the waterskin at his belt, took a long draw, and tossed it to Fabian.

    Fabian looked warily at his brother's gift. He trusted Gideon, but you never knew what sort of drink would be in that skin. Fabian shrugged, lifted the waterskin toward his brother in thanks, and drank deeply. The sweet taste of dornish wine filled his mouth. He swallowed and clapped his brother on the shoulder.

    "That's a fine wine you came across, brother. I take it that this is the last of it?"

    "Yep, I figured since you bought it you should drink the last."

    Fabian had spent his last dragon on a cask of the Dornish Red hoping to parlay the drink into more than the one night of whores that it did.

    "Maybe next time, dear brother, you won't drink it all before you have a chance to bargain it away." said Gideon, a wry smile crossing his handsome yet scarred face. Fabian gulped down the last of the wine and threw the boga at his brother.

    "Always the smart ass. Just remember, brother, that it was your smart mouth that got you spanked by Noble Lord Stark." Gideon laughed. The memories of the Trident flooding back into his head. He remembered it as clear as day. The twins had been only sixteen during Robert's Rebellion-an age ripe for two things: chivalry and tomfoolery. Fabian had always been the chivalrous one, Gideon, the fool.

    Of course it was never anything serious-drinking and whoring as much as the rest-but occasionally it'd get out of hand. One unfortunate time for Gideon, Ned Stark was close by when the filly left and the boy stumbled out after her drunk as a fish.

    Gideon blinked and the memory was gone, his brother lay in front of him, the navel to collar bone scar prominent upon his flesh. Gideon coulnd't help but feel bad for his brother and pulled another wine skin from his pants. The look Fabian gave his brother was a mix of love and scorn.

    "I knew I couldn't have drank it all." Fabian said snatching the wine from his hands.

    "Ye did. This one's on me."

    "Bah, you're full of it." Fabian replied, the wine tasting just a little less sweet. Gideon shrugged. It didn't matter who bought it, Fabian would drink most of it and the younger brother-by a little less than an hour-would get a few drops at the end.

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